Tips & Alerts

Tip of the Week (May 9, 2017): Instagram Hashtags

Using all your allowed Instagram hashtags (30 per post) is equally important as the content of your post - because hashtags help customers find you. Use this to grow organically. Just a little extra time translates to increased sales! Best practice is to list hashtags as a comment on your own post, rather than the original post (makes it easier for others to repost). Follow us: @wernerfrankinc

Tip of the Week (May 5, 2017): Selling what you can't see?

While redoing a Casafina store display, one of our Territory Managers removed the forks to show the dishes (see below).

Now the dishes are important. The forks are important, too, and should stay together... but not on top of something else you want to sell.

Your customers want to SEE your products... and you want them to! Covering up something (especially the more expensive item) might be space efficient, but won't help your bottom line (especially when the more expensive item is the one being covered up). Look around your store with "fresh eyes" - what's being covered up? If you can't see it, your customers can't either. And while you might know what the dish underneath looks like, your customer does not.

Make it easy for your customers to see everything.  Show It.  See it.  Sell it.

Tip of the Week (April 17, 2017): #JustBecause

The #JustBecause Registry ups the fun for everyone!

Getting stocked for May can be mind-boggling finding just the right gifts for Mothers, Graduates and Teachers.  You are familiar with wedding and baby registries – but we think the #JustBecause Registry is the bomb.  Bump your service up a notch, and invite your customers to create their own #JustBecause list of what they would love to receive – and keep your #JustBecause Registry going year-round.

Customers can update it any time – great for birthdays, holidays – or an especially happy or sad moment in life when friends want to do something special without the guesswork.

And here’s an added tip… When you receive new merchandise, make sure your customers know to come update their #JustBecause list!

We can feel your wheels turning…

#JustBecause - we get it.

A little creative… with a possibly massive return.



Vertical Line.jpg

Alert of the Week (May 9, 2017): Oak & Olive Father's Day Sale

BrewFest (p24: PPB-206) Reg: $30, NOW: $26 (min 4 asst)

Magnet Openers (p25: PPB-207,208,292,293) Reg: $12.50, NOW: $10 (min 12 asst)

6 Pack Snack (p27: PPB-298) Reg: $10.50, NOW: $9.45 (min 12 asst)

6 Pack Jack (p27: PPB-299) Reg: $11.50, NOW: $10.35 (min 12 asst)

Gridiron Serving Board (p35: PSM-189) Reg: $20, NOW: $17.50 (min 4 asst)

Helmet Cheese Board (p35, PSM-187) Reg: $12, NOW: $10 (min 4 asst)

Ranger Cooler (p58:PSM-330) Reg: $14.50, NOW: $12.50 (min 4 asst)

Tub Cooler (p74: PSG-221) Reg: $27.50, NOW: $24.50 (min 4 asst)

Scrimmage Table: (p75, PSM-104) Reg: $22.50, NOW: $20 (min 4 asst)

Alert of the Week (May 5, 2017): May Specials (minimums apply)

Charles Viancin: 10% off select items. 

DecoBreeze: Free shipping on select fans.

DecoBreeze & DecoFlair: up to 5% discount, 15% frt cap & Net 90.

My Favorite Things: 3 free bow pins.

Zwilling: Free shipping.

Alert of the Week (April 17, 2017): Bee's Wrap Video Goes Viral

And people can't get enough!  62 million views - and about that many phone calls and emails - it's been crazy! Check it out below, but in the mean time, some important updates:

1) If you are a stocking dealer, email to be featured on their social media!

2) Order processing time for existing accounts: 10 business days; new accounts: 3-4 weeks.

3) Sandwich wraps are completely out of stock, continuing availability is approx June 1.