Pampa Bay: Dishwasher Safe Metallic Serveware

Designed in the Argentinian Pampas region, Pampa Bay offers irresistibly vibrant designs, reflecting their elegant yet adventurous culture. Their exclusive Titanium Porcelain has the look of metal - but the versatility of stoneware! That means it’s dishwasher, freezer and oven safe - won’t scratch - and is 40% less expensive than cast aluminum - because it’s high-fired porcelain vacuum plated with titanium. It’s this sort of entrepreneurial innovation and that sets Pampa Bay apart in the vast world of aluminum serveware, continuously pushing the envelope to create never-before-seen products.

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What a great find - Pampa Bay was our final sale last night as well as the first two this morning!
— Pam Timmins, Owner, Cook's Cottage