Below is a sampling of unsolicited comments.

From Customers:

Your showroom is just the best; I always love ordering from Werner Frank!
— Susan Dillow, Buyer, Phoenix Interiors
Doug is a great worker & a pro at what he does.
— Nancy Taylor, Buyer, Ron Jon Surf Shop
We’ve been treated like family ever since dealing with Werner Frank! Thank you to your staff for helping us get started.
— Harriet Hyde, Owner, Treasures on the Corner
I’m very impressed that you keep me updated along with your regular customers. Thank you, that’s AWESOME customer service!
— Mary Dotson, Owner, Out of the Box
Thank you for being so wonderful & helpful, your showroom was the best find of our trip!
— Donna L, Buyer, Key Account
Your showroom is always an inspiration!
— Susan Hice, Buyer, Water's Edge
I want to call out Julian’s excellent service & attention. He definitely goes the extra mile to make sure we are successful!
— Vicki C, Buyer, Key Account
Doug is a true professional, sincerely concerned about our success & consistently bringing us opportunities & ideas to help our business. His ideas & actions have definitely contributed to our extraordinary growth.
— John & Tami Durkee, Owners, The Pear Tree
WOW! Susan, your packet emails are always 100% complete, the best I’ve ever received. I never have to bother you for another item; I really appreciate how easy you make it for me.
— Christie P, Buyer, Key Account

From Vendors:

I have to tell you, you and your team are wonderful and seriously a world of difference!
— Stacey Kahn, President, Star Home
In spite of traffic being clearly off, your group produced our best show in 11 years, thank you!
— Skip Smith, Owner, Casafina
I just received the show recap - that’s pretty darn good for our first show together! Thank you, clearly we’re a great match!
— Alan Buff, National Sales Manager, Pampa Bay
Congratulations on all the new accounts that were opened by your reps! You all had a GREAT season!
— Nancy Oblack, Sales Coordinator, Root Candles
You have the best group of sales people I could ever hope to have!
— Skip Smith, Owner, Casafina
Werner Frank always leads the rest of our rep groups, thank you for your consistent volume and growth.
— Rex Mason, CEO, Root Candles
Thanks to everyone at Werner Frank, we tripled our already very aggressive sales projection!
— Ben Johnson, National Sales Manager, Charles Viancin
Your sales are up 21%, which makes 4 years in a row with significant increases. Keep up the great work.
— Ron Knutson, National Sales Manager, SPI
Your customers buy more deeply than the typical customers we found in the temps. Clearly your team is having a positive effect.
— Jim Ratti, Owner/Partner, Enrico Products
Your increases are incredible, thank you for your hard work & dedication! Because of you, we will have our best year so far in the US!
— Rebecca Scanlon, National Sales Manager, Abbott Collection
Before Werner Frank, I was only in about 100 stores. Thanks to you, I’m now in over 1500 stores!
— Ginny McCormack, Owner, Ginny McCormack Cooks
Your showroom wrote twice as many orders than our temporary booth!
— Steven Kalter, Owner, Vintage Dictionary Art

From Vendors about Specific Reps:

I found this Alabama lead in a trade magazine and forwarded the lead to Bitsy. I do this quite often with sales reps and it rarely translates to action let alone an order. To Bitsy’s credit, she not only took initiative and contacted the store owner, but she also made an appointment, presented the line and opened the account for us. Determination such as this is why she is running double-digit increases for us in what was already a fairly mature territory.
— Matt Hullfish, VP Sales, Casafina Living
Susan was a big help in Chicago. The business she’s bringing to the table is huge!
— Ben Johnson, Owner/Partner, Charles Viancin
I have to give big props to Denise for opening this account. We tried for 3 years & never got it done... Denise delivered in a few weeks!
— Matt Hullfish, VP Sales, Arthur Court
Julian, your integrity, honesty & all around professionalism impresses me… you are just a great guy!
— Joe Woulfe, Senior VP Sales / Marketing, Franz Collection
Julian is on fire! I can’t tell you the last time we did anywhere close to this in NC.
— Matt Hullfish, National Sales Manager, Arthur Court Designs

From Former Employees:

I’m honored to have worked for a company whose honesty, integrity & professionalism are unquestioned. I commend Jessie & Michele for guiding the company through some of the toughest economic years in memory, & I particularly value the close & open relationship I have with both. What an extraordinary thing to experience, with an extraordinary company led by extraordinary people!
— Alan Corbett, former 34 year employee
I want to thank the Frank family for giving me the opportunity to arrive at this stage of my life where I am truly living my dream. None of this would be possible without Werner’s far-sighted planning & Jessie & Michele coming into the business & keeping it thriving. I truly loved my job! For all of this I thank you.
— Tony McCarson, former 32 year employee